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Want Better Content? Be H.A.M.S.

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

“Content is King.”

It’s a famous quote attributed to Summer Redstone, who passed today. Leaving his controversial life aside, there is tremendous wisdom in the sentiment.

There are infinite ways to communicate a message. Often, people list bullet points on a screen and vomit them AT an indifferent audience. Why settle when there are simple ways to AMPLIFY content to make it more memorable and impactful?

We super-charge participants using our “H.A.M.S.” method of effective content creation to be DIFFERENT and BETTER.

H – Humor – Even if you aren’t funny. Even if the topic is heavy (yes, there are SOME exceptions). APPROPRIATE humor boosts interest, audience connection, and has strong physiological science behind WHY.

A – Animation – We communicate a TON with our facial cues. The best communicators ANIMATE to amplify (it has a HUGE crossover into effective humor too – watch any Office episode for an example!)

M – Move (with a purpose). Motion creates emotion and adjusts participants’ eye level to reengage attention.

S – Stories (and Sup’d up Stats) – Anyone can be a good story teller by following ageless models and mining their own lives.

Want your team to be bigger H.A.M.S.? Give us a good whistle, we can help;) #VirtualPresentations #VirtualPresentationSkills