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Individual Presentation Coaching

Perfect for Small Businesses

Wally Krause

Sr. Capability Consultant - Integrated Technology Solutions, CDW

One of the greatest risks in working with outside contractors is the lack of connection to the client's business. From my experience, outside contractors do bring new perspectives; however, their 'off the shelf' approach does not always integrate well into their client's business culture. No connection, no impact. In over 40 years of business, I can name the few partners that I have worked with that truly helped connect outside resources to drive internal business objectives. Chris Scheeren is one of those true partners I considered a member of my internal team. Chris helped to marry outside and inside perspectives to initiate critical behavioral change.  Our audiences generated an extraordinary 99-100% referral rate to their fellow coworkers. Change is risky business decision. Chris makes change fun. He brings energy and enthusiasm to change. He brings flexibility and understanding to skeptical audiences and guides them along a path of success.