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Brave New World

Thursday, October 29, 2020

In the last eight days I’ve conducted seven classroom sessions for Presentation Skills and Financial Acumen participants from Zagreb, Budapest, Antwerp, London, Stoke, and all over the UK and USA.

The travel alone for these sessions in 2019 would easily eclipse $100,000. Now? A Zoom call and a marginal consulting and licensing fee.

Is this post WAAAAY too self-serving? ABSOLUTELY 😉 But just because something is self-serving, doesn’t mean it isn’t ‘serving’ as well.

The impact of effective learning hasn’t diminished with the new format. It can still be fun, engaging and impactful for smart, hungry participants who THIRST for opportunities to GROW. We can build skills and drive career and company success (without the travel). When analyzing true ROI – results actually IMPROVE.

The pandemic doesn’t seem to be ebbing and the return to “business as usual” doesn’t seem imminent. But maybe, “usual” SHOULDN’T return. Perhaps these circumstances, as miserable as they are, were ‘a good old fashioned dinosaur cull’ for the L&D world (obscure Succession reference, for anyone else who ranks the delay of Season 3 as an underrated tragedy of the pandemic).

The sky is the limit in 2021! I look forward to sharing the journey together!!