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Always On! VIrtual for 2021

Saturday, January 9, 2021

Lack of proximity doesn’t need to equal a lack of quality.

Sadly, for many meetings and presentations, the shift to virtual formats has meant a shift back to boring slide deck recitations and meetings with limited participation (not to mention fun). It’s an easy trap to fall into, but luckily, its also an easy pitfall to avoid. We can help 😉

We’ve taken the same fundamentals and interactive ACTIVE LEARNING techniques from our acclaimed ‘Always On!’ presentation series and brought them to a convenient (and in my humble opinion, MORE effective) virtual format. Class time is cut in half, learning is accelerated, participants can jointly view and analyze their own presentations in real time and the one-day improvement in skills and technique has been stunning. The feedback and results have been incredible, with 100% of participants saying they learned valuable new ideas and skills during the session!

If you want to power up your team’s presentation skills and maximize the effectiveness of your remote and virtual meetings in 2021, let’s talk! The calendar is slotting in quickly as things return to normal. I hope we can be a small part of your team’s BIG success in brave new 20201!

Be Well! ~ Chris