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New Accelerated Virtual Learning Offerings for 2021!!

Monday, January 25, 2021

Lack of proximity doesn’t need to mean lack of effectiveness!

Our accelerated 2-hour virtual learning experiences are designed to maximize impact in a FUN, ENGAGING, and highly INTERACTIVE manner!  Over the last three years, over 99.4% of participants have said they walked away from our sessions with “valuable new ideas!” Same high-energy, same high-interactivity, same ultra-enthusiasm, just adapted to the time frame and new challenges of the 2021 work environment! Now booking AM & PM sessions at DISCOUNTED RATES!

Learning Experiences:

Leading Effective Meetings – 71% of professionals say they waste time every week due to unnecessary or cancelled meetings. In fact, the salary/wage cost of poorly organized meetings is $399 billion in the US in 2019 alone. It makes sense.  How many of us are TAUGHT HOW to properly run an impactful and effective meeting?  Quit wasting time and sapping morale with ineffective meetings.  We can help!

Communicating to Influence & Impact – There is a huge difference between getting a message “out” and getting a message “in.”  Empower your team to communicate for maximum effectiveness and impact in this two-hour, power-packed workshop full of valuable tips and hands-on practice!

Excelling in Difficult Conversations & Situations – Good leaders face difficult moments with openness, confidence, and calm. Those skills don’t happen automatically.  They are the careful result of learning effective communication strategies (and the confidence that comes with them).

Powerful Storytelling – Throughout all of recorded history people have been inspired) and better retained information) by stories.  Yet, most presentations are vomited regurgitations of boring PowerPoints slides and bullet-pointed facts.  Let’s fix that!  Learn simple formulas and templates to craft more engaging content and watch your results skyrocket!

Proactive Positive Leadership – Organizations often talk about improving their ‘culture.’  Yet culture isn’t something that happens, it is something that is created.  Proactive positive communication empowers employees and co-workers, allows employees to better manage ‘up’, and forges stronger bonds with customers and the community.  

Strategic Execution (Goal Setting & Time Management) – If you were given $2,400 every week and told you HAD to spend it (you can’t just sock it away) as wisely as possible, you’d likely carefully and intensely plan to get  the optimal results.  Yet, few of us use our 2,400 work minutes in a typical week with the same precious focus.  Execution is a function of intention.  This power-packed two hours makes sure participants get the most from every hour after…

The ‘stage’ might be different, but the fun, enthusiasm and LEARNING are amplified! Let’s meet the challenge of 2021!